Top 10 Superfoods for Super-Human Strength

Your day to day food intake has a vital impact on overall health. Generally, we consume a wide variety of food that isn’t focused on any healthy components. Junk foods and fast food are very commonly consumed y most of us. Even homemade dishes are not all actually much of appreciation. When you are concerned about fitness, they might suggest you about intaking some superfoods for super-human strength.

Food gives you strength without which working out in a gym does not make any good impact on your body. In fact, without a proper diet, health decline is witnessed in most cases.

You should also know how much protein or calories your body needs according to which your daily diet chart should be set.

Top 10 Superfoods for Super-Human Strength

Avoiding bad food habit is a vital step in gaining good physique. Besides all the healthy foods you place on your table there are some foods contains a high amount of carbs, protein, vitamins, fats, minerals, and water.


Focus on consuming such foods with high nutrition amount to add an extra benefit to your health. Before you set your diet plan, make sure to add these superfoods for super-human strength gain.

1: Eggs

Enlisting of superfoods for super-human strength, Eggs are at our top priority. Eggs are the perfect container of protein and can be added to any kind of regular meal. Many people intend to keep eggs out of their diet due to high cholesterol components, but they are actually great for increasing testosterone level, integrating muscle cell membranes and comes with more health benefits.

2: Salmon

EPA, DHA, Omega -3 Fatty acids are some essential food components that are available in Salmon fish. A study revealed that a person consuming more amount of omega-3 fatty acids are experienced with greater body strength compared to those who intake a lesser amount of fatty acids. Omega-3 is also responsible for increasing insulin activity in our body. Increasing insulin sensitivity helps in boosting glucose uptake and increasing amino acids as well as protein synthesis of body muscles. Thus, Salmon helps a lot in muscle growth.

3: Red Meat (Organic Beef)

red meat

Red meat contains a high amount of protein, cholesterol, and saturated fat. These nutrition components are much effective in maintaining a high testosterone level. When it comes to consuming red meat, the best food item is organic beef which contains omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid at a greater amount. For consuming superfoods for super-human strength, organic beef is one never to skip.

4: Wheat Germ

If you choose to intake complex carbs of a slow digest, you can eat Wheat germ half an hour before starting off your daily training irrespective of the training schedule. Wheat germ is known for containing a high level of zinc, iron, potassium, Vitamin -B, selenium and also rich in high Branched-chain amino acids protein. Due to its high source of octacosanol alcohol, it helps increase muscle strength when consumed before workouts.

5: Herring

When it comes to boosting muscles strength and growth, creatine is the most sought-after supplement present in Herring compared to all both land and seafood. Herring is also a great source of omega-3 acids, calories, proteins, and fats but contains very low carbs.

6: Watermelon

Generally, fruits are suggested to consume as a pre-workout carbohydrate source as most of the fruits are known to be slow-digesting. Watermelon on the other hand, unlike the rest it triggers increasing in insulin level and works as a great post-workout carb food. Both the outer white rind layer and the inside red flesh are full of amino acid citrulline. These citrullines, when consumed, is converted to arginine in your body.


Watermelons are even better than direct arginine supplement consumption in terms of increasing body arginine levels. Surely, it is one of the superfoods for super-human strength we can add to our diet plan.

7: Brown Rice

One type of whole grain that contains a high amount of fiber, Brown rice is ideal to slow down your digestion and maintains high insulin level; thus, supplying enough stamina to your body all day long during or off the training. Brown rice is also rich in gamma-aminobutyric acid that tends to increase growth hormone level by 400% in your body. Certainly, Brown Rice is one of the best superfoods to consume in your daily meal.

8: Broccoli

Broccoli contains phytochemical that is converted diindolylmethane in your body. It is beneficial in decreasing water retention and gaining body fat whilst strengthening testosterone anabolic effects which are vital for muscle strength and growth hormones. When you chew Broccoli, it turns glucoraphanin into antioxidant sulforaphane that works with DIM to enhance anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it is known to help in recovering muscles and joints as well as helps in fighting against cancer development in your body.

9: Chia Seeds

Packed with essential amino acids that work as an anti-inflammatory to help in muscle and joint recovery after every workout session. Chia seeds contain water 10 times more than their own eight which makes it a great solution for dehydration. While it contains a very less amount of sugar, it is considered to be the best alternative to traditional Gatorade when consumed as an energy drink.

# You can also try these healthy supper beverages for a ripped physique.  

10: Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are rich in nutrients like minerals, carbohydrates, antioxidants, and more. A cup of these potatoes contains barbs of around 84 grams which is just enough to keep you energetic during a workout session as well as afterward. It also comes with a very low amount of glycemic index that surely ideal for preventing blood sugar. While potassium plays a huge role in repairing muscle tissues and muscle fatigue prevention, Sweet Potatoes also a great source of potassium.

sweet potatoes


These are the top best superfoods for super-human strength gaining you shall no skip to add in your fitness diet. When you set a fitness goal and consult with a trainer, along with all the systematic training schedule, a proper diet plan is a must. Your fitness trainer may get you a diet plan according to your body composition. Make sure that these superfoods are added to your food list.

Consult with your trainer to know which and how much nutrition component you need and arrange a food table accordingly. If you are not comfortable with one food, try replacing it with another that shall contain the same nutrition at the same amount intake.

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