Tanned Skin Problems – How to Recover Naturally?

Facing tanned skin problems? Well, there are plenty of natural ways to recover it. Skin turns dark when you remain on sunlight for enough. You might notice tanned lines on your face and other body parts that remain exposed to sunlight.  Sun rays affect your skin in many ways but among all tanned skin is common. Due to direct sun rays, your skin loses moisture and becomes dull. You need to take care of tans as early as possible otherwise you will lose your natural glow and also you might face some other skin problems. Though people are using many sun guards and sunscreen lotion as UV ray is much higher it affects skins.

There are many cosmetic products which help to remove tans from your face. But there are many side effects of using cosmetic products so it is recommended to use natural skin care remedies. There are many natural ingredients easily available those help to recover skin tanned.

To know more about a natural way to recover skin tan hook till the end of this content. You will get to know different natural way and ingredients that help to recover your skin tan.

Best Natural Ways to Fight Tanned Skin Problems

For every type of skin problems always go for natural products.  You can prepare many skin treatment products on your own. You might are be using many natural home remedies, still I am listing some best natural home remedies to recover skin tans.

how to recover tanned skin

  1. Lemon extract is very essential for many skin problems. It also helps to get rid of skin tans more easily and quickly. It is very easy to apply when you have tan lines on your face. Just slice a lemon and rub it on the areas affected by sun rays. Keep the lemon extract for few minutes on your face and then wash it with cold water.
  2. Like lemon, cucumber also contains natural moisturizing ingredients that can help you to recover skin tanned problem. You need to prepare a solution using lemon juice, rose water and cucumber juice. Take a bowl and mix sufficient amount of all three ingredients and dap on your whole face and also on other body parts. Keep this solution for few minutes on your face so that if get soaked and then wash your face with cold water.
  3. You all might know that gram flour and turmeric is very beneficial for your skin. You can prepare a solution with both these ingredients and can recover from skin tanned. Take a two tablespoon of flour on a bowl and mix little amounts of turmeric powder. To make it a solution and to apply it as a mask you need to add milk and rose water. Make the solution thick and apply to the areas of the body affected by sunrays.
  4. Take a fresh ripe papaya and cut it into few slices. You need to little honey to it and prepare a solution. Apply the solution to your face and affected areas and keep it for half an hour. When you feel that the solution soaked well on your face, wash it with clean cold water.
  5. Take two fresh tomatoes and make a paste. On this paste, you need to add homemade yogurt and mix both ingredients well. Massage well on tanned areas by this solution and keep it for 30 to 45 minutes. Finally, wash with clean cold water.
  6. This is another best natural paste that will remove all your tans from your skin. To prepare it you need to use red lentil powder, Aloe Vera and tomato. Take an adequate amount of all these ingredients and make a paste. Apply this paste on the areas affected by sunlight and keep it for an hour and then wash it.
  7. Orange also contains many natural antioxidants that can recover your skin those are affected by sun rays. Make a thick paste with orange juice and yogurt. Apply well the solution over your affected areas and keep it for 20 to 30 minutes, then wash it well.
  8. Lemon has much importance on our skin and helps in different ways to get rid of many skin problems. A much different solution can be prepared to sue lemon juice. Take a fresh potato and extract juice from it.  Mix pure lemon juice to it and apply as a mask on your face. Same as other keep the mask for half an hour and then remove the mask with cold water.


So these are some useful and beneficial homemade face mask then can help you all to get recover from any skin problems. As these are all natural ingredients so there are no any side effects. Choose any of the above-mentioned preparation and apply it every day or alternate days for better results.

There are many other homemade natural ways to recover skin tan but those I have mentioned above are easy to prepare and to apply. As long as you have these treatments, don’t worry about Tanned Skin Problems. Enjoying your summer days? You might also wanna check out these healthy summer beverages.


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