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Proteins are large biological molecules consisting of amino acid chains that are essential for body cells to properly function. These amino acid chains are also called polypeptides and proteins are made up of such one or more molecules.

The function and structure of our body depend on the proteins. Regulation of our body tissues, cells, and organs are incomplete without proteins.

Body skins, muscles, bones and other aspects of our body containing a certain amount of protein that includes hormones, antibodies, and enzymes. Hemoglobin that carries oxygen in our body is also a type of protein.

Proteins also play the role of neurotransmitters.

Types of Protein

Basically, there are three types of proteins available in food.

Complete Proteins: Foods containing all the amino acids essential for the body are called complete protein food. Complete proteins foods are mostly available in meat, eggs, and dairy.

Incomplete Protein: Foods containing at least single amino acid are called incomplete protein food. These types of food lack of protein balance. Incomplete protein form is found in plant foods as such as beans, peas, grains, etc.

Complementary Proteins: Complementary protein food are referred to those that contain at least two or more protein substance but not all of it. Bread with peanut butter, bread, and beans are some examples of such foods.


Functions of Protein

Protein plays an important role in organisms. This type of biological molecule is present every cell and one essential aspect of life. Here are some of the functions of protein as follows –

  • It causes metabolic reactions in our body.
  • It helps in maintaining cell shape as well as repairing broken cells.
  • It is an essential source of amino acid for animal diet.
  • Protein is responsible for transporting molecules throughout many organisms and within body cells.
  • Protein is essential for DNA replication.
  • Strengthens immune response of our body.

Protein Requirements

It remained as a matter of debate of how much protein a person requires. However, it is recommended for an average adult to consume protein 50 gms per day. Individual’s daily protein requirement may vary and can be higher or lower than the recommended amount depending on the required amount of calorie.

When it comes to the required amount of protein to intake a day, factors like activity level, status, gender, age, etc. plays a big role.

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