Myth About More Sweat More Calories Burned

The world of fitness is surrounded by idiocy. There are many myths stuck with fitness that don’t simply put down the table. No wonder why. Many self-acclaimed fitness gurus have nothing of knowledge rather than selling health supplements to the fat people desperately looking for a shortcut.

And there come many ridiculous fat-loss pieces of advice that put both physical and mental health of the clients at stake. Cut salt from dishes, eat boiled, stop eating wheat and rice, and drink less water, you name it. One or other unprofessional fitness coach might have pointed out these.

Worst of all we have heard so far is “Wear a sweat-shirt during workout”. ‘Why?’ you ask. People are familiar with the myth that “More sweat more calories burned”.

Well, here is the truth behind ‘sweating more counts more calories burn’ myth.

What Sweating really is and How does it happen?

 Starting off, sweating doesn’t mean burning fat. It is just a sign of regulating the temperature of your body. When your body gets heat of 98.6 degree the sweat glands are activated. The whole thing is controlled by your brain in order to balance the body temperature.

As a result of the process, body waste products in form of liquid are discharged through skins. This liquid waste contains water, salt, and mixture protein and sugar. There is no fat burned in the process.

Sweating More Isn’t Burning Calories More

Sweating means lowering and regulating the body temperature, that’s all. The larger you’re, the more you sweat, it’s just because there is more mass in your body, hence larger the surface area that needs to maintain its temperature. A fitter person also tends to sweat more as the sweating mechanism get efficient over the regular workouts.

One should understand that weight loss and fat loss also totally different process from one another. If you lose weight, there’s nothing to be happy about. The only thing that matter is fat loss. You may lose your weight it combines the loss of fat, body water, muscle loss, etc. However, it doesn’t clearly mean of losing body fat. The definite process of fat loss is metabolizing of fat into glycerol and fatty acid by your body to produce energy. Producing energy to the body by burning fat can take place even without sweating the body. Regardless to mention that weight loss and sweating have a direct relationship as it loses body water, but it doesn’t relate to calorie burn or fat loss.

Summing Up

With intense workout your core body temperature gets higher, thus making your body sweat more. But, it doesn’t conclude that the more you sweat the more calories are being burnt. The myth comes from the misconception of many who believes sweating is the direct result of burning fat. Hence, there no solid reason for it to stand on.

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