Biceps Workouts

Biceps aren’t the strongest or biggest muscle group in our body, but they are one of the best muscles one can show off. In functionally, biceps muscles are quite straight forward. All we can do is flexing our elbow using biceps; however, the muscle group has now more things to do rather than just flexing the elbow. Today, we want our bicep muscles not only to work but to represent ourselves.

What Are Biceps?

The muscle group located on the front of the upper arm are called biceps. The muscle group consists of a ‘long head’ and a ‘short head’, both together functions as one muscle.

Biceps are attached to our arm bones by some strong tissues known as tendons. Biceps are connected to our shoulder joint by proximal bicep tendons at two places. On the other hand, distal biceps tendons connect the bicep muscles with our forearm bones.

Best Biceps Workouts

In the present days, there are plenty of exercises to sculpt your every bulge, vein, and rip your bicep muscles. Some of the exercises aren’t performed by few of us and that does not harm as long as the most important one incorporated in daily bicep workout routine. Check out these best bicep workouts you should miss performing.

# Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curl: Incline bench creates stretch on biceps muscle long head. Your elbow and wrist are less risky for strain.

# Incline Inner-Biceps Curl: It also helps stretching biceps long head. Adding more angles to your incline bench will add more stretch to your muscle long heads.

# Standing Concentration Dumbbell Curl: The exercise decreases long head recruitment; however it increases peak and thickness of biceps. 

# EZ-Bar Curl: Both the long and short heads of your bicep muscles are engaged in this curl.

# Wide-Grip Standing Barbell Curl: Wide-grip helps the shoulder to rotate externally more than the normal grip. It also causes the changing of upper-arm position and increases involvement of short head bicep muscles.

# Zottman Curl: This exercise is done while holding dumbbells in each hand and your arms way up with palms-up grip and arms loosen down the weight with palms-down grip.

# Regular-Grip Barbell Curl: The biceps curl can be done with both narrow-grip and wide-grip. The narrow-grip barbell curl stresses long heads of the bicep muscles while the wider-grip focuses on the stress of short heads of your bicep muscles.  


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